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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stacey Tookey's "Joy"

Stacey Tookey in her "Strength, Joy, Tenacity" t-shirt / Photo by Doug Kieper

>> by Jacqueline Hansen
When choreographer and dancer Stacey Tookey was approached by the clothing company Sugar and Bruno to design clothes for dancers, it was all she needed to get started. “I have always been into fashion and I spend most of my time in dance clothes so I thought it would be an amazing way to have another creative outlet while making clothes that dancers would love to wear,” said Tookey. Tookey’s clothing line is called “Joy”, Stacey’s middle name, but also part of her design: the “Strength, Joy, Tenacity” t-shirts, three words Tookey thinks describe dancers most, also spell her initials, SJT.
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