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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SYTYCD Canada cancelled

>> by Jacqueline Hansen
The cast and contestants of So You Think You Can Dance Canada (SYTYCDC) have taken their final bow. The reality dance show will not be renewed by Bell Media for a fifth season. The finale, which will undoubtedly send the show’s final winner, Jordan Clark, to dance fame, was watched by 903,000 viewers. That is twenty-seven percent fewer than in 2010. Dancers will now need to look elsewhere for a high-exposure stage. SYTYCDC judge Jean-Marc Généreux gauged the impact, as reported in the Toronto Star: “[The show] was about one thing: culture and dance. I’m really, really sad, but dancing just lost its platform in Canada.” Scott Henderson, vice-president of communications at Bell Media, insists that the consequences SYTYCDC’s cancellation could have on the country’s dance community and culture was taken into consideration; however, high production costs along with a drop from number three on the list of most-watched programs in Canada in 2009 to twenty-two this year, has CTV, the division of Bell Media that airs the show, saying no to an encore. “You can't make a TV show that is not economically viable, just to be a supporter of the arts,” Henderson told The Dance Current. Henderson could not comment on whether CTV has specific plans to air another dance show, but said it is a “definite possibility.”
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